We spent three weeks in Malawi, crisscrossing the country while shooting the film. Along the way, we saw beautiful country and met many fascinating people. A photo album from our trip:

We are making progress in our post-production on "The Bride Price", our documentary about forced marriage in Malawi, Africa.

While in Africa, we interviewed tribal Chiefs, a Government Ministry Official, a journalist, a Member of Parliament, a high school teacher, various activists, many girls who have escaped their forced marriages as well as a few who are still trapped in theirs. Since, we have spent months transcribing, translating, editing and now spend much of our time going over the b-roll we shot in Africa. Our goal is to finish the film by the end of 2020. We will have a trailer for you soon. In the meantime, some stills from the film:

Please click this link to make a donation to The Bride Price. We greatly appreciate your support. 

All profits from the finished film will go toward a new center for girls who have managed to escape their forced marriages. The building is already in the planning stages. Skills training, high school completion, housing and day care will all be provided, as needed, for these girls as they work their way to becoming the productive women they have always hoped to be. 

                                 Zikomo Kwambiri - Thank you very much. 

In order to make "The Bride Price", we have had to raise a lot of funds. We raised roughly $29,000 before the Africa trip, enough to make the journey with our crew, paying for airfare, hotels, vehicles, drivers and meals. Our American crew has either accepted partial payments with the remainder deferred or, in the case of Producers, Director/Editor and Cinematographer, their entire fees have been deferred in the interest of getting the film shot as quickly as possible. We continue with our fundraising and grant-writing in order to pay those still owed and to cover the costs of film festival entry fees. Thank you to the many, many people who have attended the fundraisers or made donations through the paypal giving page, our Facebook fundraiser and our indiegogo campaign. Special thanks to our local sponsors (Chuck Hahn at Cleveland Financial Group,Graham Chevrolet and Kohl's volunteer program), our major donors and the Carl and Annamarie Fernyak Donor Advised Fund at the Richland County Foundation.  Here are some photos from a few of our fundraisers: