Bobby Wesner, Director/Choreographer of Neos Dance Theatre says:

Jen participated in the 2021 Filmmakers Roundtable at Long Island International Film Expo in Bellmore, New York, discussing the "not-so-funny-at-the-time experiences that are now funny" of fundraising, shooting a film in a third world country and just general ups and downs of filmmaking.

- For the projections, credit visual effects specialist Andy Gardner, the same Emmy-Award winner who wowed us in Neos' Halloween production of Count... the legend of Dracula.‚Äč

- Stunning multimedia projections by Emmy Award-winner Andy Gardner had played no small part in those productions, and the upcoming program promised premieres with more of his work.

- "Media and Movement" will be the fourth production for Neos that incorporates Gardner's work, which Wesner said is a perfect fit for the type of modern dance the company will present.

- "Andy's work is very clean, and he comes with a wealth of history and work that influences the collaboration in a very positive and deep way."

- Count... The Legend of Dracula sets itself apart from hackneyed seasonal entertainments with eye-popping projections by Emmy Award-winning Visual Effects Artist Andy Gardner.

Jennifer Enskat featured in Women in Comedy (above) and a French article about parent-themed shows on the web.

- Andy Gardner "brings a lot of ideas and suggestions to the table so the entire process is very collaborative" Wesner said.

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- Article featuring Andy Gardner about his projection mapping for Neos Dance Theatre"Nutcracker Will Transport Audiences to 1940s Mansfield"

- The ballet's "magic mirror was a marvelous film projection effect by the Emmy Award-winning Andy Gardner that lit up the stage and added to the ballet's above average production value.

- Pulsating, full-color animated projections...

- Neos will reprise Fenn's cartoonish, colorful Nothing in Particular, including animation and visual effects by Andy Gardner and costumes by Inda Blatch-Geib.

- Hannah Werthan writes about Real Mommy Confessions, "Attention all moms! This video series will make you LOL! Celebrates the sometimes not-so-pretty side of being a mom."

- The collaboration of Emmy Award-winning videographer and documentary director Andy Gardner, choreographer Bobby Wesner, and Emmy Award-winning writer Michael Thomas has produced a thrilling multimedia event combining rock, pop, and industrial music with video imaging and the innovative staging that has become the hallmark of Neos Dance Theatre.