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Film, Television, Theatre

Jennifer Enskat is an Actor, Producer, Director and Award-Winning Filmmaker and Editor.  ‚ÄčBeginning her career at the ripe age of four, Jen has worked for decades in film, TV, theatre, radio and television commercials everywhere from Los Angeles to New York; from the Pacific Northwest to the Navajo Nation; from Jamaica to France.  Turning to the production side in 2012,  Jen added on the roles of director, producer and editor, working in short film, documentaries, commercials and web series, winning Best Editor at Long Island International Film Expo, Best Web Series at Austin Revolution Film Festival, plus a nomination for Best Series Director at Austin.  

Northwestern University; Major in Theatre with minor in Television Production.    

In 2011, we - Andy and Jen - decided to team up for the purpose of collaborating on film projects. With our combined backgrounds in film production, cinematography, gaffing, editing, acting and projection design, we have produced a varied list of projects, hiring additional professional crew along the way as needed for each individual endeavor but keeping leapyear, inc. a two-person operation.

Our combined projects cover a range from comedy short film and web series, visual effects, dramatic shorts, documentary film and television commercials. Currently we are in post-production on The Bride Price, a documentary about forced marriage in Malawi, Africa and Yes, Mother, a horror short shot entirely on green screen.

Andy Gardner is an Emmy and Film Festival Award-Winning Cinematographer with decades of experience in film and television.  In addition to shooting, Andy creates projection design for live ballet and visual effects for both film and broadcast commercials, earning a nomination for Best Visual Effects from the International OnLine WebFest in London.  Andy's experience is not limited to the visual world.  He has received an Emmy Award for Audio Post-Production and an Emmy nomination for Music Composition.  Though not his main focus, music and audio production hold a prominent place in Andy's repertoire. 

BS in Telecommunications with minors in Film and Music Composition from Ohio University.